Battery Storage Installers In Cheshire

Battery Storage Solutions

Are you looking to harness the full potential of solar?

Every home in Cheshire has unique energy needs. We partner with leading battery suppliers to offer you the latest battery storage solutions.

By storing your solar energy in batteries, you can enjoy the advantage of using that clean energy even after the sun goes down. This means you’ll reduce your reliance on electricity from the National Grid, saving you money in the long run.

Cheshire Backup Power

Never worry about power outages again!

Some of our systems are equipped to automatically kick in when the National Grid fails. This means your lights will stay on, your food will remain cold, and your essential devices will keep running, ensuring your comfort and peace of mind during unexpected blackouts.

Cost-Efficient Energy

The Bright Future of Battery & Solar Integration

Integrating batteries into your Solar PV setup represents a substantial stride towards a future of sustainable and economical energy. This combination guarantees a reliable power source, and reduces dependence on expensive grid electricity, saving money while aligning with your eco-friendly objectives.

How much money can I save?

The savings you can achieve are determined by several factors, including the number of solar panels and total battery capacity you choose, as well as the rate at which the battery charges and discharges. Our quotations will clearly outline the potential financial benefits of installing a bespoke solar and battery storage solution.

Typically, you can expect a return on investment between 3-5 years and save a significant amount of money during the lifetime of your solar and battery system. For example, we recently estimated that a 4 bed house with high energy needs would save £36,100 over 25 years with their 4kW Solar system and 9.5 kWh Givenergy battery.

*All quotes are dependent on the client’s average energy usages, prices and will vary.

Harness the sun’s energy and store cheaper energy.

Make your solar system as efficient as possible and harness your own free energy by installing a battery to store excess energy for use when needed.

5 Battery Storage advantages

Stores excess energy
Provides back up power during grid shortages or emergencies
Charge the battery at night using an off-peak electricity rate
Gain energy independence
Reduce reliance on fossil fuels and promote cleaner energy use

0% VAT Incentive

On battery storage systems

From 1 February 2024, the Government cut VAT to zero for domestic battery storage systems. Previously, installations had to be combined with solar to qualify for the benefit.

It’s important to note that this 0% VAT period will only be in effect until March 31, 2027, giving homeowners a three year window to take advantage of this cost-saving opportunity.

Gain Energy Independence

Reduce your reliance on the National Grid

Store excess energy generated by your solar panels in the daytime and use it at night when the sun is down. Use Octopus Flux to also export excess energy back to the grid and get paid to sell your own green energy.

Picking a battery System

With years of experience, we’ve successfully installed a diverse range of batteries throughout Cheshire. Taking into account your energy consumption patterns, we can provide expert guidance on selecting the appropriately sized battery to align with both your energy requirements and budget constraints.

The brands we install include:





My Energi




Battery Storage Case Studies

Don’t just take our word for it, here are some recent battery installations in Cheshire and beyond


25kW Solar PV & Battery Installation for Ewloe Social Club

We’re delighted to announce that Ewloe Social Club is on the path to becoming the first net-zero social club in the UK! Thanks to a generous grant from the Parc Adfer Community Benefit Fund, we’ve installed state-of-the-art solar PV panels and battery storage.


13.3kW Solar PV & Battery Installation, Holyhead

Another successful solar and battery storage installation completed near Holyhead on Anglesey! With 31 panels generating 430 watts each, our client’s property will now benefit from a reduced carbon footprint and energy costs.


7kW Solar PV, Battery & EV Charger Installation, Warrington

We’ve just finished installing a solar panel and battery storage system in Warrington, enhancing sustainability for yet another household. Additionally, with the inclusion of a Zappi EV Charge Point, their electric vehicle can now be conveniently topped up using clean, green energy!


6.7kW Solar PV & Battery Installation, Lixwm

Completion of a 6.7kW solar installation in Lixwm, North Wales, using 16 solar panels, Inverter, and battery storage for eco-friendly, cost-efficient energy.


5kW Solar PV & Battery Installation, Lixwm

Installation of 12 Trina solar panels, Solis Inverter, and GivEnergy battery storage in a modernised bungalow in Licswm, North Wales.


54kW Solar & Battery Installation for 12 Properties, Corwen

12 residential properties underwent an eco-friendly transformation with the integration of Trina 375W GSE in-roof solar panels.

Did you know we are TESLA certified Powerwall installers and Givenergy approved installers?

We also won ‘BEST REGIONAL SOLAR INSTALLER 2023’ at the Wales Energy Efficiency Awards.

Frequently Asked Questions

All batteries that we fit can be installed inside our outside buildings. We can install canopies to further protect batteries that are installed outdoors.

Various factors affect the price of battery installation, which include:

  • Energy consumption and needs
  • How many batteries are needed to meet your energy needs
  • The brand of battery
  • The model of battery i.e. Givenergy can come in energy sizes from 2.6kWh to 13.5kWh
  • Your budget and preference

We can discuss various battery products and find the right battery for you. Did you know we have a showroom at our premises where you can see the products first hand? If you would like to discuss more about our battery storage products, get in touch and request a quote or appointment.

This is unique to each property and what you want to achieve. We will need to take into consideration how much energy your solar system is able to generate which can be dependent on roof size and roof orientation. An energy survey will determine how much energy your household consumes during daylight hours and find out how much it requires in the afternoon. If you want to save as much money as possible, you’ll need enough battery storage to cover your energy usage when the solar panels are not generating electricity. We can advise what battery system is most suitable for your needs with a free quote.

Most batteries have a guarantee for 10 years but they will generally last up to and over 20 years. Batteries, like solar panels, do degrade over time but at a slow rate.

Do you have any other questions?

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