ECO4 Scheme Funding

Enhance your property’s energy efficiency!

Check your eligibility for the Governments Grant under the ECO4 scheme

If you are a Homeowner, Landlord, or private Tenant with an electricity-heated property and receive income-related benefits, you are highly likely to qualify for the government’s ECO4 grant.

The Process

1. Assessment

Our team of expert assessors will evaluate your property and provide you with a comprehensive report detailing its current energy performance (EPC rating) and potential improvements.

2. Funding Availability

Based on your circumstances, our expert team will determine if any funding is available for your project. We will handle all the necessary paperwork to secure the funding.

3. Project Management

Once funding is secured, we will take charge and manage all the necessary work to bring your property up to the agreed-upon energy rating.

Health Check

As part of the process, our assessors will perform a non-invasive ventilation and condensation assessment in every room. They will thoroughly inspect for issues like mould, dampness, and condensation, and if necessary, take readings to assess any potential problems.

We will provide you with advice on how to address these issues, along with preventive measures.

Fixing Issues

If you qualify for Government Funding, we can even help you resolve the identified ventilation and condensation issues in your property.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to improve your property’s energy efficiency and potentially avail of Government Funding. Contact us today to check if you’re eligible for the ECO4 scheme and make your property more environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Check Eligibility

Our Process

Contact for consultation
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Initial consultation meeting

Produce energy report & design the system

Final meeting – discussion of the recommendations