Customer Reviews

Highly recommend J M Renewables for your solar and battery requirements

The fitters were efficient, tidy, knowledgeable and professional with high standards. A great local company I am happy to recommend. Nothing was too much trouble.

– Jones family

Excellent company I would highly recommend.

I recently contacted JM Renewables to assist with a failed air source heat pump unit. I can’t thank the engineers and electrician enough…they were very thorough, knowledgeable and were able to clearly describe issues with our system and resolve them. The electrician fitted kit that had been redundant for nearly three years!

– Robin Ashby

Overall happy with the service

An investment I’m happy to make and now it’s all joined up I’m excited to see my bills drop!

– Jeremy Keane

Simply Superb

In terms of workmanship, excellent. Helpful and considerate in ensuring that any inconvenience was minimal, during the upgrading of the loft insulation, installation of the ASHP, central heating and fitting of the solar panels.

All of the craftsmen went that “extra mile” to ensure that we were happy, the job done expediently and proactively, using their initiative and resolving any problems that arose.

– Robert Cooper

Excellent work!!!

Dion and Joe came to my parents home to install solar panels. No mess, no fuss and very efficient. Their work was exemplary and they were perfect gentlemen. I couldn’t recommend these guys highly enough. Five stars all round.

– Victoria Williams-Lilley

Brilliant service by friendly and very skilled workers

Gareth and Kristen turned up on time and ready to get the job done. They were lovely people who worked hard and were very neat and polite. Gareth went above and beyond to site our batteries/inverter and connect them up in a rather tight and difficult to reach position. Kristen made sure that he fixed the solar panels centrally on the roof in a very neat and sensible position. They made an excellent team and I would highly recommend them.

– Teresa Foster Evans

Solar PV & Battery

From start to finish the team at JM Renewable Solutions Ltd have been excellent. The information provided and the speed of responses has been second to none. And really can’t fault the installation of the solar panels, battery and inverter (no matter how hard I try). A massive thank you to the team. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

– A Williams

Solar PV

Highly recommended. Very pleased with the professional service from the first contact to completion, minimal disruption during the solar panel fitting and the installation only took a day and a half. Advice and guidance regarding the associated paperwork provided by Ben resulted in minimum input from ourselves.

– Phil & Linda Jones

Fantastic Installation

“I have been very impressed with JM Renewable Solutions right from the start….. be it managing the application of the Renewable Heat Incentive, advising, informing and ultimately to the installation. They also provided an additional service on the job and insulated my loft space on top of the air source heat pump installation. Highly recommend JM Renewable Solutions to anyone looking for consultancy or the installation of renewable technologies. An added benefit was the high level of professionalism shown from the installers- very efficient, neat and informative. Thanks again- J

– Johnathan W

Ground Source Heat Pump

JM Renewable Solutions were very responsive when issuing me with a quote for installing a NIBE ground source heat pump at my home and were able to install within 1 week. I felt reassured my opting for JM Renewable Solutions because they gave a competitive price, high quality service and they went the extra mile by showing me their similar case studies and even inviting me to go and visit one. Since the installation there have been no issues with the system and I am extremely happy with the results.

– Paul J

Air Source Heat Pump

Recently JM Renewable Solutions installed an air source heat pump at my property, they were competitive on price, very considerate whilst installing at my home and were very responsive with any queries/ issues I had during the process… Great Job.

– Gary P

Solar PV

“I was very impressed with the level of quality and professionalism JM Renewable Solutions showed throughout the process of installing Solar PV panels onto my house. Ben completed and sent of the Feed-in-Tariff application within 24 hours and was accepted soon after. Overall I would highly recommend them on their services and professional operations.

– Sarah M

Heat Pump & Solar Thermal

JM Renewable Solutions installed our air source heat pump, solar thermal panels in late 2015. The installation was excellent and we have endured massive savings on our energy bills. Since the installation 2 years ago we have reduced our overall energy bills by 60%. We replaced our oil boiler with a Mitsubishi Ecodan Air Source Heat Pump and connected to the existing wet central heating system (radiators). In addition, solar thermal panels were installed to give us a consistent supply of hot water. I highly recommend JM as a competent and professional installer. Thanks again. N

– Nick

Ground Source Heating

“ We had our 8KW NIBE ground source heat pump installed by JM Renewable Solutions in early August 2017 and they provided a very professional service from start to finish. Their staff were helpful, very informative and responsive. They gave a very competitive price and sound advice. I would highly recommend their services.”

– Mr & Mrs Parker

Solar PV Design & Installation

My initial dealings with JM Renewable Solutions, I found them to be very professional and able to explain in simple terms the merits of the offer. They made the process easy, efficient, without any delays and I would have no hesitation to recommending them to others.

– Peter P

Air Source Heat Pump

“ I first came into contact with JM Renewable Solutions at a Landlord event in Anglesey, NW and after much deliberation, frequent communication and a lot of sound advice I decided to install 2 x 8.5 KW Mitsubishi air source heat pumps at two of my properties on the Isle of Anglesey, replacing two inefficient oil boilers. My tenants will now benefit from much lower energy bills and I will receive quarterly payments from the governments RHI scheme for 7 years. JM’s installation was quick and very efficient, and since the installation, the heat pumps have been working tremendously well. Thanks again and great job.”

– Lewis M

Air Source Heat Pump

“ Very impressive installation, informative and friendly staff… JM Renewable Solutions were very helpful throughout the process and provided me with the reassurance that I needed when making the transition to an ASHP.”

– Lisa Maxwell, Cheshire

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