7.8kW Solar PV, Tesla Powerwall & EV Charger Installation, Tarvin


This residential renewables installation project took place in Tarvin, a village located in Cheshire West. The customer’s aim was to harness and store solar power with modern panels and charge their electric vehicle.


The project followed our structured methodology to achieve the desired outcomes. The following steps were undertaken:

Assessment and Design: The property’s energy requirements were assessed to determine the optimal solar panel capacity. After evaluating the available roof space and considering shading factors, a 7.8kW system comprising 14 all-black solar panels was specified.

Panel Installation: Our experienced solar technicians carefully installed the solar panels on the roof of the residential property. Attention was paid to ensure optimal positioning and alignment to maximise efficiency.

Electrical Wiring: A meticulous approach was followed for the 100-meter cable run to the incoming mains supply. Our fully qualified electricians followed industry best practices to ensure a safe and efficient electrical system.

Zappi Charge Point Integration: A Zappi charge point was installed to facilitate electric vehicle (EV) charging using solar energy. The charge point was strategically positioned for convenience and accessibility, with the necessary wiring and connections made to the electrical system.

Tesla Powerwall 2 Integration: The Tesla Powerwall 2, a cutting-edge battery storage system, was seamlessly integrated into the electrical system. It was positioned in an appropriate location and connected to the solar panels and the consumer unit.

Consumer Unit Upgrade: To accommodate the additional components and ensure compliance with electrical safety standards, a new consumer unit was installed. This upgrade facilitated the efficient distribution and management of electricity within the property.

Installation & Outcome

The installation of the solar panel system, Zappi charge point, Tesla Powerwall 2, and consumer unit upgrade resulted in several positive outcomes:

Renewable Energy Generation: The 7.8kW solar panel system effectively harnessed solar energy, enabling the property to generate a significant portion of its electricity from renewable sources. This reduces the reliance on power from the National Grid and decreased the property’s carbon footprint.

Electric Vehicle Charging: The integration of the Zappi charge point enables the homeowner to charge their electric vehicle using the solar energy generated on-site. This contributed to cost savings on fuel and further promoted sustainable transportation.

Battery Storage: The Tesla Powerwall 2 provides the property with a reliable and efficient energy storage solution. It stores excess solar energy during the day and discharged it when needed, ensuring a constant power supply even during grid outages and optimising self-consumption.

Enhanced Electrical Safety: The upgraded consumer unit improved the safety and reliability of the property’s electrical system. It effectively managed the increased load from the solar panels, charge point, and Powerwall 2, reducing the risk of electrical issues and providing peace of mind for the homeowner.

Cost Savings and Energy Efficiency: By generating renewable energy on-site and utilising stored energy from the Tesla Powerwall 2, the homeowner benefits from reduced energy bills and increased energy efficiency.

In conclusion, this renewable energy installation project successfully achieved its objectives of harnessing solar power, battery storage solutions and EV charging point. The project demonstrated the potential for renewable energy adoption and highlighted the positive impact on energy consumption, cost savings, and environmental sustainability.


I had a large domestic solar array with battery storage and EV charging port installed by JM Renewables. They were excellent from start to finish. All the jobs were done in a professional and courteous manner and on time. I wish to thank all the members of the team who worked on the project and a special mention to Daniel Miller (Senior Project estimator) who was prompt with email replies and clarified all my questions and doubts. I am very happy with the work done and have no hesitation in recommending them wholeheartedly.

Bona T