Solar PV System Installation on a Private Property in Chester


The system comprised a Solis inverter and an AC Coupled 9.5kWh GivEnergy battery. Nine of the panels were installed using Renusol Console flat roof mounting, and the remaining panels were mounted on the customer’s slate roof. Optimisers were installed on all panels to ensure maximum energy efficiency, working independently of each other in case of any shading issues.

Design & Installation

The client approached JM Renewable Solutions with the objective of installing a Solar PV system that would generate their energy, reducing their electricity bills, and lowering their carbon footprint. JM Renewable Solutions conducted a detailed site survey to determine the most optimal solar panel location and installation approach.

After consulting with the client and analysing the site’s energy requirements, JM Renewable Solutions proposed a 6kW Solar PV system with a Solis inverter and an AC Coupled 9.5kWh GivEnergy battery.

JM Renewable Solutions also included optimizers on all the panels to ensure that they work independently from each other should any shading issues occur.


The installation of the Solar PV system has enabled the client to generate their energy, leading to significant energy cost savings. The system’s battery storage capacity ensures that the client can continue to use solar energy even when there is no sunlight.