Solar PV Installation on 50 Houses and 16 Flats for Clwyd Alyn Housing


We have recently completed a project in partnership with Clwyd Alyn Housing Association and Anwyl Homes installing solar PV systems on 50 houses and 16 flats in North Wales. Each property has between 1.5kW-3kW of solar PV installed, which is expected to save residents around £1000 a year in energy costs.


The aim of the project was to reduce energy costs for residents and increase the use of renewable energy sources in the community. The project needed to be completed within a tight timeframe, with installations taking place over a period of several weeks.


Our company were tasked with installing solar PV systems on each of the properties to generate electricity from sunlight and help to reduce residents’ reliance on grid energy. Each installation took just one day to complete.

In addition to installing the solar PV systems, the team also conducted thorough risk assessments and followed strict health and safety standards to ensure the safety of both the residents and our fellow workers on the site.


The solar PV systems installed by JM Renewable Solutions are expected to save residents around £1000 a year in energy costs, reducing their carbon footprint and increasing their energy independence. By working in partnership with Clwyd Alyn and Anwyl Homes, we were able to complete the project efficiently and within the timeframe required, ensuring that residents could start enjoying the benefits of their new solar PV systems immediately.