Solar PV Installation in a New Build School


JM Renewable Solutions Ltd recently completed a solar PV installation project for a new build school. The client was seeking a sustainable energy solution that would help to offset their energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint. After conducting a detailed site survey and assessment, we designed and installed a 50kW solar PV array using a Nicholson roof track mounting system.


The installation process was completed in just two weeks, ensuring minimal disruption to the school’s daily operations. The use of the Nicholson roof track mounting system allowed for a secure and efficient installation, ensuring that the solar PV array was optimally positioned for maximum energy generation.


Since the installation of the solar PV array, the new build school has been able to offset a significant portion of their energy bills, resulting in long-term cost savings. The solar PV array has also contributed to the school’s commitment to sustainability, fast forwarding their commitment to be net carbon zero by 2030. The installation provides an opportunity for the school to educate their students on the importance of renewable energy, inspiring them to consider sustainable solutions in the future.

The school expressed great satisfaction with the work accomplished by JM Renewable Solutions Ltd. They acknowledged that the installation of the solar PV system yielded considerable cost savings and enhanced their environmental sustainability. Furthermore, the school appreciated the team’s professionalism and promptness in delivering their services.