Retrofit Domestic Ground Source Heat Pump

Homeowner in Ruthin, North Wales makes the transition to Renewable Energy and Installs a 16KW Ground Source Heat Pump.

Installation Summary

4 Bed detached house

Oil Boiler (ACA Circa) 65% efficiency

Replaced with a 16kw NIBE ground source heat pump

Comprising of two NIBE 8 kw single phase units combined

200 L unvented cylinder

Extremely highly efficiency (3.4 COP)

The installation took 5 days


Originally this particular client approached JM Renewable Solutions to come and repair his unreliable oil boiler system. He was having reoccurring issues and stressed the financial burden of the current oil boiler’s running and maintenance costs. However, after our initial free site visit we produced a consultancy document for the client, and highlighted the diminishing effectiveness, high running costs and poor carbon emissions of his current system. Within this documented we also provided a comprehensive proposal detailing the alternative renewable heating systems on the market and their superior performance. The client quickly became aware of the overwhelming advantages of switching to a renewable heating system and was eager to install.

After his previous experience, the client wanted the most efficient, reliable and self-sufficient heating system possible. The property required a system that would readily satisfy the heating and hot water demands of a family of 5 whilst reducing costs. With the inconsistent levels of comfort combined with the increasing oil bills, the property was to benefit significantly from the new heating system.

JM’s Renewable Solution

M Renewable Solutions (JMRS) then designed and installed a 16kw Ground Source Heat Pump. They had enough garden space for the horizontal collectors whereby we worked together with our preferred digging company to install the necessary pipe work (dug 1 metre down and 1 metre between each pipe). When the pipes were layed, the garden was returned to normal with the system hidden tidily underground.

The ground source heat pump now accounts for all the heating and hot water in the house. The system has been designed to the specific requirements of the client, operating at 40 degrees and heats the hot water to a max temperature of 60 degrees. JMRS opted for a 200L unvented cylinder as this would provide more than enough hot water for the entire house. The house had a radiator system throughout the house with at least 1 radiator installed in each room, with added TRV.

Customer Benefits

The Ground Source Heat pump has more than halved the client’s heating bills and energy bills

Low cost, low noise and no maintenance have been required

The client has a 7 year warranty on the ground source heat pump due to our VIP accredited installers

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payment will earn the client £7500 over the 7 years

The client has dramatically reduced the carbon footprint of the dwelling and has added value to the property.