Retrofit Domestic Air Source Heat Pump

A homeowner in Flintshire, North Wales installs a new air source heat pump and now feels the warmth.

Installation Summary

2006 4 Bed detached house

Living space is 150m2.

Previous oil boiler 65% efficiency level.

Replaced with an 11.2 kw Ecodan Mitshubishi air source heat pump (3 COP).

Installed new, larger radiators fitted with TRV.

210 L domestic hot water cylinder.

Installation took 2 days.


A retired couple were seeking the most cost-effective energy alternative to replace their outdated expensive and inefficient oil boiler. Having heard about renewable heat pumps from a friend at the local pub, they decided to contact local renewable heating specialist and VIP Installers JM Renewable Solutions and ask for their consultancy service, to advise them on a more effective replacement. They required a system that was able to sufficiently heat a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom detached property in the hills of Rhualt, North Wales.

JM’s Renewable Solution

Being environmentally aware, the couple were eager to take advantage of a heating system using renewable energy. After conducting a site survey and a calculation of the property’s heat loss, JM Renewable Solutions specified, designed and installed a Mitsubishi Ecodan 8.5kw air source heat pump. The Ecodan technology uses the latest technology to harvest renewable energy from the outside air to provide central heating and hot water. The system was designed to a 35 degree temperature and uses a 210 L domestic hot water cylinder and Ecodan easy to use controls.

Customer Benefits

The air source heat pump has reduced their heating and energy bills by 32%.

Their annual saving by switching from oil to renewable heating is approx £400 per annum.

The Renewable Heat Incentive Payment totals at approx £1500 (7 years).

Replacing the old inefficient oil boiler with the air source heat pump and fitting larger radiators to operate at much lower flow temperatures (40 degrees), meant that their home is now constantly warm for a fraction of the cost of their old oil boiler.

They also prefer the lower temperatures of the radiators especially with their grandchildren coming to visit often.

They have now reduced the homes carbon footprint by 40% and using a highly efficient system significantly decreases the running cost.