Renewable Energy Project at Ysgol Y Foel County Primary School, North Wales

JMRS were appointed by FC to design and install a new renewable heating system to replace the outdated and expensive to run oil boiler system. The client’s aim was to install a new energy efficient, green, and sustainable energy solution at the school to reduce costs, decrease the school’s carbon footprint and to educate staff, pupils, and parents.

The installation included the removal of the existing heating system, replacing radiators where necessary, and installing an air source heat pump (ashp) that covers 100% of the school’s heating demand. In conjunction to an ashp, JMRS designed and installed a solar photovoltaic (pv) and battery storage system that will provide the school with free electric throughout the year, contributing to the ashp’s running cost, general electrical usage, and the overall carbon saving.

After conducting a thorough heat loss, JMRS were able to size and specify a 36 KW air source heating system, consisting of 2nr 14KW Mitsubishi Ecodan ashp and an 8KW electric boiler backup. It is estimated that the heat pump will save the school approx. £1.9K p/a on their heating bill. The new heating system has an efficiency rating of 348% compared to the predicted 82% efficiency rating of the existing oil boiler. JMRS will be also power flushing the existing pipework and replacing 15nr radiators with new modernised alternatives.

JMRS have also installed a 25KW Solar PV array with a tesla battery storage system. This way the school will use 100% of the electricity generated by the solar panels. This will supplement the heat pump running costs. The array will provide 22,500 Kwh of free electricity p/a, which equates to approx. £3,262.50 saving p/a.

Carbon Saving

The solar PV will generate its own electricity and provide the school with a saving of 10,100kg p/a.

The heat pump will use the electricity produced by the PV system to heat the school and therefore will use 10,166kg p/a.

The alternative fossil fuel-based system oil will use 26000kg of carbon per year. Therefore, the air source heat pump system will use approximately 15,834kg less per year (26000-10,166) than the oil-fired system.

Total carbon saving = 25,935kg p/a.