Ground Source Heat Pump Installation and Retrofitted Underfloor Heating


JM Renewable Solutions Ltd were recently contracted by a private customer in North Wales to install two NIBE ground source heat pumps and retrofit underfloor heating in their home. The customer was looking for an energy-efficient and cost-effective solution to heat their home.


The installation process started with a site survey and assessment of the property’s heating requirements. The team of experts at JM Renewable Solutions Ltd then designed a bespoke system to meet the customer’s specific needs. The installation of the ground source heat pumps and retrofitting of the underfloor heating was completed in under a week.

The NIBE ground source heat pumps installed by JM Renewable Solutions Ltd use the earth’s natural heat to provide heat and hot water to the property. This energy-efficient system is low-maintenance and has significantly reduced the customer’s energy bills. Additionally, the underfloor heating system ensures that heat is evenly distributed throughout the property, providing a comfortable living environment for the customer.


The customer was extremely satisfied with the work completed by JM Renewable Solutions Ltd. They noted that their home is now much warmer and more comfortable than before, and their energy bills have significantly decreased. Furthermore, the customer was pleased with the professional and efficient service provided by the team at JM Renewable Solutions Ltd.

In conclusion, JM Renewable Solutions Ltd provided a high-quality and cost-effective renewable energy solution. The installation of two NIBE ground source heat pumps and retrofitting of underfloor heating was completed in under a week, and the customer was satisfied with the outcome. JM Renewable Solutions Ltd is committed to providing bespoke renewable energy solutions to customers, ensuring they have access to cost-effective, energy-efficient, and sustainable heating solutions.