Full Mechanical Installation in Manchester for a Commercial Client


The project included a full heating installation, consisting of two 11.2kw Mitsubishi air source heat pumps and radiators, as well as the installation of office bathrooms. The team at JM Renewable Solutions Ltd worked closely with the client to ensure that their specific heating and plumbing requirements were met.


The two Mitsubishi air source heat pumps are a highly efficient and cost-effective solution, providing the client with a reliable source of heating and hot water. The air source heat pumps operate by extracting heat from the air outside and transferring it into the building. This process is much more energy-efficient than traditional heating systems, resulting in significant cost savings for the client.

In addition to the heating installation, JM Renewable Solutions Ltd also installed office bathrooms to meet the specific needs of the client. This included the installation of high-quality plumbing fixtures and fittings, ensuring that the bathrooms were functional, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing.


In conclusion, JM Renewable Solutions Ltd delivered a high-quality and efficient mechanical installation solution. The installation of two Mitsubishi air source heat pumps, radiators, and office bathrooms was executed in a timely manner keeping to the builds schedule of works.

JM Renewable Solutions Ltd are committed to providing bespoke renewable energy and mechanical solutions to residential and commercial clients, ensuring they have access to cost-effective, energy-efficient, and sustainable solutions.