Commercial Solar PV Panels

Local North Wales Company installs a 65Kw, 260 solar pv panel system and has since benefited from decreasing electricity bills, reduced environmental impact and increased profits.

Installation Summary

65Kw, 260 solar pv panels installed

Electricity is supplied to Rhualt Country Parc and the White House Hotel, North Wales

3 AURORA power on investors used

Installation took 4 days


The owner of the company first became aware of JM Renewable Solutions (JMRS) after meeting one of our co-founders in the white house restaurant one weekend. The owner expressed his overriding concern with his increasing energy bills, so JMRS then offered to conduct a site survey followed by producing a comprehensive report and quotation detailing the alternative electric and heating systems on the market. With such a high footfall rate and high energy usage there was a huge opportunity for the owner and the business by switching to renewable energy systems.

JM’s Renewable Solution

With the amount of electricity they used, coupled with the buildings large south facing roof made the installation of a solar PV system an obvious choice.  Local renewable energy specialist and MCS certified installer JM Renewable Solutions (JMRS) specified, designed and fitted 260 solar pv panels.

This thriving local business, tucked away in the heart of a small town in North Wales (Rhualt) has benefited immensely from switching to renewable energy.

Customer Benefits

Generated £8400 worth of free electricity per annum.

£6300 annual Feed-In-Tariff payments for 20 years.

Pay back approx 4-5 years.

25% return on investment 0ver the 20 year FIT period

Enhanced green image and green credentials.

No major maintenance or other issues with the panels since installation.