Commercial Air Source Heat Pump

Installation Summary

210㎡ commercial property

Full consultancy service and document produced.

16 KW NIBE air source heat pump

200 L hot water cylinder and buffer.

SMO NIBE controller unit.

Installation of NIBE uplink

Bivalent system; installed with newly installed oil system prior to our visit.

Installation took 4 days


JM Renewables Solutions (JMRS) were appointed to undertake a full energy efficiency survey for a local business woman who lived in, and owned a B&B in the heart of Abergavenny. This particular client was very environmentally driven and wanted advice on how she could make her B&B more energy efficient. After frequent contact with the client we were invited down to conduct our consultancy survey. We sent down two of our in-house consultants and the survey of the property (210 m2) took 45-60 minutes, after which we sat down and discussed our main findings with the owner. We then produced one of our consultancy reports which detailed our main recommendations and improvements. This particular client also wanted the most sustainable form of heating available.

JM’s Renewable Solution

Upon our visit we noticed that the oil boiler was newly installed, so we both agreed on a bivalent system to avoid very high installation costs.

We recommended the installation of a 16Kw NIBE air source heat pump connected to warm water under floor heating system. The air source heat pump will provide heating to downstairs, whilst the new oil radiated system will provide heating for upstairs. The under floor heating system that was installed was completely compatible to a NIBE F2040 air source heat pump (which is able to operate at similar flow temperatures). We then designed, specified and installed the heating system which consisted of a 16Kw air source heat pump unit and a 200 L hot water cylinder, buffer tank and SMO 20 intelligent controls.

Reduced her heating/electric bills by 50%, whilst dramatically improving the carbon footprint for the dwelling from a G to a D rating.

Benefited from a constant and consistent flow of sustainable heating. 

The owner will now benefit from an annual fee of £600 from the Renewable Heat Incentive based on a heat meter reading given every quarter.

The user friendly controls have made running the heat system very easy for the customer.

The owner has reduced her and her businesses carbon footprint.