Air Source Heat Pump & Solar PV Installation in Cheshire

The Background

A stunning new build family home in rural Cheshire is now being heated by a Mitsubishi Electric ultra-quiet PUHZ-W112VAA- 11KW air source heat pump, supplemented by a 4KW solar pv system. The property is a 290m2, four bedrooms with underfloor heating throughout the property.

The team at JM Renewable Solutions worked incredibly closely with the homeowner during the planning, specification and construction of the property to ensure that any changes to the building were filtered through to the heating system design to ensure maximum benefits were delivered.


“Our clients the Boisserys were specific in their desire for a renewable heat system and we worked with them to ensure each of their requirements such as sustainable, easy to operate and maintain, were achieved,” said Ben Musgrave, Director at JM Renewable Solutions. The client was very conscious about the noise levels of the air source heat pumps; thus, we recommended the new PUHZ ultra quiet Mitsubishi unit and the customer was very satisfied with the low decibel level. The air source unit has been linked to a 300 L cylinder to fulfil the hot water requirements of the property.” Mr Boissery also liked the idea that he could utilise his roof space by installing a 4KW solar PV system to supplement his air source heat pump and general electrical use. This would reduce his electricity bill further. “The long-term benefits to the customer give them ultimate control over their energy costs for the life span of the system. They will not be subject to fluctuating oil prices and in comparison, to an oil-fired boiler have been able to reduce their CO2 emissions by over 50% each year,”



11.2 KW Air Source Heat Pump & Solar PV Installation

Installation formed part of the new build and was therefore a straightforward process with the JM team making necessary adjustments to the heating system as the build evolved and the client made changes to the original layout. The customers will receive £1,300.00 per annum from the domestic renewable heat incentive (RHI), £240 from the Feed-In-Tariff (FIT), and a 50-60% running cost saving against the fossil fuel based alternative- oil or LPG.