Air Source Heat Pump Installation at a Garden Centre in North Wales


JM Renewable Solutions Ltd have completed an air source heat pump installation project for a garden centre in Caernarfon. The client was looking to reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint while still providing efficient heating for their commercial premises.

Design & Installation

After conducting a detailed site survey and assessment of the garden centre’s energy requirements, JM Renewable Solutions Ltd designed and installed two 16 kW and one 8 kW NIBE air source heat pumps. The installation process was completed in under a week, ensuring minimal disruption to the garden centre’s operations.

The NIBE air source heat pumps installed by JM Renewable Solutions Ltd use the air outside to provide heat to the garden centre. This energy-efficient solution is low-maintenance and has significantly reduced the garden centre’s energy bills. Furthermore, the heat pumps have improved the overall comfort of the premises for both staff and customers.


The garden centre was extremely satisfied with the work completed by JM Renewable Solutions Ltd. They noted that the air source heat pumps have significantly reduced their energy bills, providing long-term cost savings for the business. Additionally, the garden centre has taken a positive step towards reducing their carbon footprint, making it an eco-friendlier operation.

In conclusion, JM Renewable Solutions Ltd provided a high-quality and efficient renewable energy solution to a business in Caernarfon. The installation of two 16 kW and one 8 kW NIBE air source heat pumps was completed in under a week, with minimal disruption to their operations. JM Renewable Solutions Ltd is committed to providing bespoke renewable energy solutions to commercial clients, ensuring they have access to cost-effective, energy-efficient, and sustainable heating solutions.