Additional Solar PV Installation for Lyan Packaging, Wrexham


Lyan Packaging, a prominent UK supplier of bespoke packaging solutions, is committed to enhancing sustainability and reducing environmental impact. Following the successful initial installation of our solar PV and battery system, which resulted in substantial annual savings and a quick return on investment, the company decided to further invest in renewable energy. Impressed by the performance of our initial setup, Lyan Packaging commissioned an additional 25kW solar PV system to further optimise their energy independence and efficiency.


The project’s second phase involved a comprehensive assessment of the existing system and the company’s future energy requirements. Our team conducted a thorough site survey to determine the optimal location and configuration for the additional solar panels. The goal was to maximise the energy generation capacity while ensuring seamless integration with our existing infrastructure. The assessment considered factors such as roof space, orientation, shading, and structural integrity to guarantee the efficiency and longevity of the installation.


For the additional 25kW system, we installed 60 high-efficiency 425-watt solar panels on the factory’s flat roof. These panels were chosen for their outstanding performance and reliability, ensuring consistent energy production. Our team worked closely with Lyan Packaging to coordinate the installation schedule to minimise disruption to the company’s operations.

The additional solar capacity was seamlessly integrated with the existing system, which includes 132 x 380W Trina solar panels, a 50kW Solis inverter, and 3 x 9.5kWh GivEnergy batteries. The new panels were connected to the existing battery system, enhancing its ability to store surplus energy for later use. This integration was designed to optimise energy utilisation and further reduce reliance on the national grid, particularly during peak demand periods.


The expanded solar PV system has significantly increased Lyan Packaging’s renewable energy capacity, providing additional power to supplement their existing setup. This enhancement not only boosts the company’s sustainability credentials but also contributes to greater financial savings. With the additional 25kW system, the total energy generation capacity has risen, resulting in an even more substantial reduction in electricity costs.

The seamless integration of the new panels with the existing battery storage system ensures that the additional energy produced can be efficiently stored and used when needed. This optimisation maximises the return on investment and further shortens the payback period. Lyan Packaging continues to lead by example in the packaging industry, demonstrating a strong commitment to environmental responsibility and energy efficiency.