9.1kW Solar PV & Battery Installation for a Smallholding near Denbigh

We recently completed an impressive solar energy project for a smallholding near Denbigh in Denbighshire. By installing 24 Trina solar panels, each with a power output of 380W, we’ve harnessed the sun’s energy efficiently while preserving the building’s aesthetic in its picturesque rural location.

Our installation also included a 5kW GivEnergy Hybrid and a 13.5kWh battery storage system. This intelligent combination allows the site to not only store excess solar energy for later use but also provides backup power during grid disruptions. To ensure optimal energy management, we incorporated a LoRa device. This smart technology enables seamless communication between system components, facilitating real-time adjustments and data exchange. The solar panels were precisely installed, taking care not to obstruct the existing roof lights and thereby ensuring the building’s functionality remained unaffected.

This agricultural project demonstrates our commitment to offering sustainable energy solutions that caters to individual needs. By combining solar panels, battery storage, and intelligent communication, the smallholding owner benefits from reduced energy costs and lower carbon emissions. If you’re interested in similar energy solutions, feel free to reach out and join JMR in creating a greener future.