6.8kW Solar Panel Installation For Gwynedd Distributors, Rhyl


In the wake of growing environmental concerns and a strong push towards sustainable practices, many businesses in North Wales are seeking ways to reduce their carbon footprint and embrace green technology. One such company that decided to take a step towards sustainability is Gwynedd Distributors (GD), a motorist DIY shop based in Rhyl. GD has been providing tools and expert advice to vehicle owners for repairs and aesthetic changes. In their pursuit of decarbonising their operations and lowering energy costs, they turned to JM Renewables for help.


JM Renewables began the project with a comprehensive assessment of Gwynedd Distributors’ energy needs and the solar potential of their premises. The first step involved conducting a site survey to determine the optimal locations for the solar panels. Factors such as roof orientation, shading, and available roof space were carefully considered to ensure maximum solar energy generation.

Once the site survey was completed, we collaborated closely with GD to design a tailored solar energy system that aligns with their energy consumption patterns and business requirements. The proposed solution consisted of an 6.84kW solar system, featuring a 6kW Solis Inverter and 18 high-efficiency 380W Trina Solar panels. The selection of Trina Solar panels was based on their reputation for reliability and performance.

The financial aspects were also analysed during the quotation phase. We provided GD with a detailed cost-benefit analysis, highlighting potential savings on energy bills, return on investment, and payback period. This ensured that GD had a clear understanding of the long-term benefits of their solar installation.


With the planning and design phase completed, we commenced the installation process, ensuring minimal disruptions to their daily operations. Our in-house installation team consists of skilled technicians who were all experienced in solar panel installations and adhered to industry best practices.

The 18 x 380W Trina Solar panels were strategically mounted on the roof of GD’s premises to capture the most sunlight and maximise energy generation. The Solis Inverter was installed at a convenient location to efficiently convert solar energy into usable electricity.

Throughout the installation, safety protocols were strictly followed, and the team worked efficiently to complete the project within the agreed timeline. Regular communication with GD kept them informed of the progress and any potential adjustments made to the installation timescales.


Following the successful installation of the solar panels, Gwynedd Distributors witnessed significant positive outcomes. By generating their electricity through solar energy, GD managed to reduce their reliance on traditional energy sources, leading to substantial cost savings on their energy bills. The decision to embrace green technology not only aligned with their commitment to sustainability but also helped them future-proof their business against rising energy costs.

Moreover, the 6.84kW solar system allowed GD to minimise its carbon footprint considerably. The switch to renewable energy showcased their dedication to the environment, resonating positively with their customers, and potentially attracting environmentally conscious clients in the future.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Gwynedd Distributors and JM Renewables proved to be a success, not only in achieving the installation of 18 Trina Solar panels but also in driving positive change towards sustainability. GD’s decision to embrace solar energy showcased its commitment to reducing their environmental impact, while our expertise and dedication ensured a smooth and effective solar installation. This case study serves as a testament to the positive impact that renewable energy solutions can have on businesses, both in terms of financial savings and environmental responsibility.