6.7kW Solar PV & Battery Installation, Lixwm


Our team recently undertook a project in the quaint village of Lixwm, situated in Flintshire, North Wales. The client, residing in a modernised dormer bungalow, sought an eco-friendly and cost-effective energy upgrade. The scope of the project involved the installation of a 6.7kW solar array comprising 16 all-black Trina rooftop panels. Additionally, our team integrated a cutting-edge Inverter and 13.5kWh of battery storage mounted to an external wall.


The methodology adopted for this installation focused on maximising sunlight capture by strategically splitting the solar array between the separate roofs of the bungalow. This approach not only ensured optimal energy generation but also seamlessly integrated with the aesthetic appeal of the property. The GivEnergy battery, an “All In One” solution, was chosen for its ability to store energy from solar panels and alternatively, charge from the National Grid during periods of low energy costs, providing the client with an economically sustainable energy storage solution.


The installation process went according to plan. The 16 Trina rooftop solar panels were skillfully mounted, aligned, and connected to form a high-performing solar array. The Inverter, a critical component for converting DC power to AC for household use, was integrated into the electrical system. Our team ensured the secure installation of the 13.5kWh GivEnergy battery on an external wall, guaranteeing both stability and accessibility. The installation not only adhered to industry standards but also exceeded the client’s expectations in terms of efficiency and design.


Completing the 6.7kW solar installation, coupled with the Inverter and GivEnergy battery, has transformed the client’s home into an energy-independent and environmentally conscious residence. The solar array, strategically split between roofs, maximises sunlight capture, ensuring optimal energy generation. The GivEnergy battery empowers the client to store excess solar energy efficiently, providing a cost-effective and sustainable power source for the home. With smart algorithms designed to capitalise on agile tariffs and smart grid trading, the system enables the client to benefit from further enhanced savings and contribute to a greener future. The project stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering innovative, eco-friendly solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of our clients.