5kW Air Source Heat Pump Installation, Anglesey


In response to the growing demand for sustainable heating solutions, we recently completed the installation of an air source heat pump & cylinder in Dulas, North Wales. This installation was part of a barn renovation project, which includes an energy-efficient underfloor heating system to provide warmth and comfort.


The project commenced with a thorough assessment of the property’s heating needs, taking into consideration the size and layout of the barn, as well as the homeowner’s requirements. After careful evaluation by our design team, it was determined that a Mitsubishi Ecodan ASHP was the optimal choice because of its impressive energy efficiency, low noise emissions, and compact design. Our team conducted a site survey to select the most suitable location for the outdoor unit. This involved evaluating factors such as plumbing integration, accessibility, and noise considerations.


The Mitsubishi Ecodan air source heat pump was positioned discreetly in a location that maximised energy efficiency and minimised noise impact. The cylinder was connected seamlessly to the heat pump, and the underfloor heating system was integrated efficiently, providing a comprehensive and eco-friendly heating solution. A 150L cylinder was installed to store hot water generated by the heat pump. This ensured a reliable and constant supply of hot water for the property. The system was integrated with an underfloor heating system, which enhances energy efficiency and provides even heat distribution throughout the property.


Since the installation, the homeowner has experienced several benefits. The system has proven to be much more energy-efficient, resulting in lower energy bills. The barn now benefits from an environmentally friendly heating solution that not only greener but also enhances the property’s value. The Mitsubishi Ecodan air source heat pump has demonstrated its reliability and performance, delivering consistent warmth and comfort.

In conclusion, this project illustrates how the combination of a 5kW air source heat pump, 150L cylinder and underfloor heating provided a sustainable, low-maintenance, and discreet heating solution.