54kW Solar & Battery Installation for 12 Properties, Corwen


In this case study, we will explore a recent solar panel & battery installation project in Corwen, Denbighshire, involving 12 properties. The project was commissioned by Denbighshire County Council and aimed to utilise solar energy and battery storage to power their social housing.


The project began with site assessments by our in-house team to determine the suitability of each property for solar panel integration. The Trina 375W GSE in-roof solar system was chosen for its efficiency and aesthetic appeal, which was in line with the council’s goal to improve the visual aspect of the properties while also reducing energy costs.

Each property was also equipped with a 3.68kW inverter to efficiently convert the solar energy into usable electricity. Additionally, a 5.4kWh battery was included in the setup, allowing excess energy to be stored for later use, reducing reliance on electricity from the National Grid.


The installation of the Trina solar panels on the 12 properties proceeded smoothly and efficiently. Our team of in-house certified technicians worked diligently to ensure the panels were securely fixed onto the roofs while maintaining the integrity of the existing roof. The GSE in-roof system ensured that the panels were flush with the roof, resulting in a seamless and visually pleasing integration. The aesthetics of the integration were well-received by the residents and aligned with the council’s vision to make sustainable energy solutions more appealing to homeowners.

The Goodwi inverter and battery systems were seamlessly integrated into each property, optimising the energy conversion process and storage.


The project is an excellent example of how renewable energy can benefit social housing residents and help Denbighshire County Council achieve their commitment to sustainability. This solar panel installation has set an example for other communities to follow, showcasing the benefits of both aesthetic and practical solar/battery solutions in residential properties.

The 5.4kWh batteries have ensured that residents can utilise the solar-generated electricity efficiently, reducing their dependence on traditional grid power. This, in turn, has led to substantial savings on energy costs for homeowners.

We are delighted with the success of this project and the outcome reflects the positive impact of renewable energy initiatives across North Wales.