50KW Solar PV Install at Carden Park Spa

JM Renewable Solutions (JMRS) were appointed by the main electrical contractor to install the specified 50KW, 166 panel solar PV array on the roof of Carden Park’s new SPA facility. Working closely with the architects, JMRS have designed a system that will help provide the SPA with an array that is financially and environmentally beneficial.

The panels have been installed in-set into the roof to give the array a more integrated and aesthetically pleasing finish. The installers do this by bolting the panels to the roof trusses and then sealing the edges with flashing to protect them from any water damage. The roof tiler than tiles around the panels once fitted. The solar panels will be cabled to an inverter unit which will then turn the generated currents into usable electricity. The inverter is connected to the incoming supply via a main distribution board which powers the SPA.

This Solar PV Install will help offset the high electric running cost of the new facility.

Facilities will include: Lounge and restaurant area, outdoor first floor terrace with, beauty rooms for manicure, pedicure and lash treatments, large high specked changing rooms, 14 sensational treatment rooms, 3 relaxation rooms, extensive indoor thermal facilities, 2 heated swimming pools and Jacuzzi’s.

The Solar PV Install will produce approximately 32,800kwh of free electrical units per annum, which gives an estimated annual saving of £4700.00 (based on current electrical price). Making full use of the roof space and the south pitched orientation.