253kW Solar PV Installation for Tweedmill Shopping Outlet


In response to the growing demand for sustainable energy solutions, Tweedmill Shopping Outlet, located in St Asaph, North Wales, undertook a significant step to reduce its environmental footprint and embrace renewable energy. Tweedmill is a thriving shopping destination covering 50,000 square feet of retail space and offers over 300 brands which includes a wide range of local Welsh produce.

The owner of Tweedmill approached us with a simple brief, they wanted to invest in sustainable energy by installing a state-of-the-art solar panel system on the roof.


To realise this vision, we proposed a comprehensive 253kW solar panel system, comprising 666 high-efficiency 380w Trina Solar Panels, connected to four Solis inverters. Our methodology was structured to ensure a seamless transition to solar energy:

Site Assessment: We conducted a thorough site assessment to determine the optimal placement of the solar panels. This assessment considered factors such as sun exposure, roof integrity, and structural compatibility.

System Design: Our in-house team of experts designed a bespoke system that incorporated the 666 solar panels across the roof structure. The design ensured minimal visual impact on the shopping outlet’s aesthetics while maximising energy production.

Component Selection: We selected Trina Solar Panels, known for their high efficiency and durability, along with four Solis inverters, to ensure long-term performance and reliability.

Cabling Infrastructure: A comprehensive cabling infrastructure, with approximately 2.6 miles of cable, was meticulously installed to connect the solar panels and Solis inverters, facilitating efficient energy transmission to the building.

Approval Process: Our team secured all the necessary approvals from SP Energy and managed the application process from the initial pre-application stage through to final design approval.


The installation process began with the careful mounting and positioning of the solar panels on the roof of Tweedmill. Our experienced in-house installation team worked diligently to ensure that each panel was securely mounted and aligned to capture maximum sunlight throughout the day. The Solis inverters were installed for maximum energy conversion and distribution. The cabling infrastructure was expertly integrated into the building’s existing electrical systems to enable the seamless flow of green electricity.

The installation was executed with minimal disruption to the shopping outlet’s operations, thanks to meticulous planning and coordination with the Tweedmill management.


Since the installation of the 253kW solar panel system at Tweedmill, the results have been impressive. The entire system is estimated to produce approximately 200,000 kWh of free electricity annually. This substantial energy production not only significantly reduces Tweedmill’s reliance on traditional energy sources but also leads to an estimated carbon savings of 40.3 tonnes each year.

Tweedmill’s commitment to sustainability and renewable energy has resonated positively with its customers and the community at large, enhancing the outlet’s reputation as an environmentally responsible retail destination.

In conclusion, the installation of 666 solar panels has not only made a substantial contribution to reducing carbon emissions but has also set an inspiring example for North Wales businesses seeking to embrace clean and sustainable energy solutions. This case study demonstrates the successful implementation of solar energy in a retail setting and highlights the environmental and economic benefits it can deliver.