23.9kW Solar PV installation, Afonwen Craft & Antique Centre


Afonwen Craft & Antique Centre, nestled within the picturesque Clwydian Range in North Wales, is a unique independent family-run business known for its commitment to preserving the beauty of its natural surroundings. In line with its eco-conscious values, the owners Janet & Adrian wanted to invest in a renewable energy solution for the centre.


A thorough site assessment was conducted to determine the feasibility of a solar panel installation. The location’s exposure to sunlight and the available roof space were evaluated. It was essential to optimise the system’s efficiency while respecting the history of the building by maintaining its aesthetic appeal.

After careful analysis, a system comprising 63 high-quality 380W solar panels was chosen. This configuration was selected to maximise energy production while ensuring the panels blended as seamlessly as possible with the centre’s architectural design.


The installation of 63 solar panels was executed by our team with precision and care whilst adhering to all relevant safety and environmental regulations. The solar panels were strategically placed on the centre’s roof to ensure they captured the maximum amount of sunlight.

The 23.9kW solar array is expected to generate approximately 20.55KWh of energy annually. This substantial energy output not only reduces the business’s dependence on traditional power but also demonstrates a dedication to environmental responsibility.


The installation of the solar panels at Afonwen Craft & Antique Centre is projected to achieve a quick return on investment within 3.5 years, assuming 100% utilisation of the generated energy. This represents a substantial cost-saving opportunity, reducing electricity bills while promoting sustainability.

Over the lifetime of the solar panels, Janet & Adrian can benefit from substantial savings on energy costs. This not only benefits the business’s bottom line but also supports a sustainable future. This case study highlights the potential of solar energy to drive sustainable practices for businesses in North Wales.