20 Property Solar PV Installation with Battery Storage for Denbighshire County Council


We were asked to design and install a solar PV and battery project for Denbighshire County Council in Ruthin, North Wales. The project involved installing 3.6kW solar PV systems with GSE in-roof mounting on 20 properties, with each property also being fitted with a 5.2kWh Goodwe battery for energy storage. Local autorities are commited to improving the energy efficiency of their housing stock.

Installation & Design

Our team completed the installation quickly and efficiently, with an estimated install time of 1-2 days per property. The GSE in roof mounting system provides a more aesthetically pleasing appearance than traditional solar PV mounting systems, ensuring minimal visual impact to the properties.

The installation of the Goodwe batteries provides several benefits to the properties, including the ability to store excess energy generated during daylight hours for use at night. This helps to reduce reliance on grid-supplied electricity, resulting in cost savings for the homeowners. In addition, the batteries can be programmed to charge during off-peak hours, when electricity is cheaper, further reducing energy costs.


We are proud to have worked with Denbighshire County Council on this project, which showcases our commitment to providing innovative and efficient renewable energy solutions to local communities. The use of solar batteries provides an additional layer of energy security, while the GSE in roof mounting system ensures minimal visual impact on the properties.

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