£2.9M Green Energy Initiative Transforms 16 Affordable Homes to ‘A’ Rating, Anglesey

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of a £2.9 million project in collaboration with North Wales Housing and Anglesey County Council. The project aimed to address the critical need for affordable housing in rural areas, specifically at Stad Maes Rhydd, Gaerwen, Anglesey.

As part of this initiative, we installed Solar PV and Air Source Heat Pump systems in all 16 properties, resulting in a notable improvement in their energy efficiency. Each property was fitted with a 4kW Mitsubishi air source heat pump, 200L thermal store for hot water and 4kW of all-black Solar PV panels. As a result, these homes are now rated ‘A’ in energy efficiency, supporting the Welsh Government’s efforts to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2030.

By integrating sustainable technologies into these properties, we have not only reduced their carbon footprint but also made significant strides towards creating a more environmentally friendly community. The new residents can look forward to lower utility costs while enjoying comfortable living conditions.

We would like to thank all stakeholders involved in making this project a reality. This partnership demonstrates the positive impact of collaborative efforts in fulfilling both environmental and social goals.

With the completion of this project, we are hopeful that it will serve as a model for future sustainable housing developments across North Wales.