125kW Solar PV Installation for Ysgol Cedewain, Newtown


In a collaborative effort with Wynne Construction and AJ Field, our company undertook the installation of a solar panel system on a £22 million additional learning needs (ALN) school, Ysgol Cedewain in Newtown, Mid Wales. Our objective was to enhance this brand new state-of-the-art educational facility due to be completed in Autumn 2023 with a sustainable energy solution. Over a period of two weeks, our team successfully installed a 125kW solar system, comprising 329 Trina solar panels.


The project commenced with a thorough assessment of Ysgol Cedewain’s energy needs and the available rooftop space for solar panel installation. Collaborating closely with Wynne Construction and AJ Field, we devised a comprehensive plan to maximise the efficiency and aesthetics of the solar panel system. The 125kW solar array was strategically designed to optimise sunlight exposure throughout the day.

Our team of in-house technicians ensured that the project adhered to all safety and quality standards. Every aspect, from panel placement to electrical connections, was meticulously planned to guarantee long-term reliability and performance.


During the two-week installation phase in April 2023, our team worked diligently to mount 329 high-efficiency Trina solar modules on the rooftop of Ysgol Cedewain. Careful consideration was given to the aesthetics of the installation, ensuring that it seamlessly integrated with the school’s modern architectural design. A state-of-the-art monitoring system was also incorporated to track energy production and system health in real time.

The solar panel system was connected to the school’s electrical systems through inverters, allowing for the conversion of solar energy into usable electricity. This green energy solution would now empower Ysgol Cedewain to harness the sun’s power and significantly reduce its reliance on the National Grid. Not only would this result in substantial cost savings, but it would also contribute to the school’s sustainability goals by reducing its carbon emissions.


The successful installation of the 125kW solar system at Ysgol Cedewain has resulted in significant benefits. With an estimated annual energy generation of 100,000kWh, the school is now equipped to produce a substantial portion of its electricity from renewable sources. This will not only lead to a considerable reduction in energy bills but also position Ysgol Cedewain as an eco-conscious school committed to environmental sustainability.

This project serves as a noteworthy example of how collaboration between construction firms and renewable energy experts can result in greener, more cost-effective solutions in the public sector. By embracing solar energy, Ysgol Cedewain has not only invested in its own future but has also taken a significant step towards a cleaner and more sustainable environment for the entire community.

In conclusion, the installation of the Solar PV solution at Ysgol Cedewain represents a successful integration of renewable energy into this state-of-the-art educational facility. The project showcases the potential for sustainable energy solutions in the construction industry, demonstrating the positive environmental and economic impact that can be achieved through such initiatives.


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