125kW Solar PV Installation For Merthyr Tydfil Leisure Centre


Merthyr Tydfil Leisure Centre in South Wales asked us to help reduce its carbon footprint and embrace renewable energy. This resulted in the installation of 329 Trina Solar panels, each with a capacity of 380 watts, totalling an impressive 125kW. The project aimed to demonstrate the advantages of renewable energy in the leisure sector while promoting sustainability.


Panel Selection: Trina Solar panels, known for their efficiency, were chosen for their reliability and performance. The 380-watt panels maximised power output while utilising available roof space effectively.

Installation Strategy: Installing solar panels on a curved roof presented a unique challenge. Our installation team used custom racking systems to secure the panels to the curved rooftop, ensuring optimal sunlight capture. SolarEdge optimisers were installed on each panel to enable remote monitoring and management, further enhancing the systems efficiency.


Challenges of Curved Roof Installation: The curved roof required a meticulous approach. Our in-house installers employed innovative techniques and specialised equipment to securely fasten and precisely align each panel correctly.

SolarEdge Optimisers: SolarEdge optimisers enhanced system efficiency by enabling real-time monitoring and remote management. Any future issues can be quickly addressed, minimising downtime and maximising energy generation.

Electrical System Integration: Seamless integration with the centre’s electrical system ensured direct consumption of solar-generated electricity, reducing reliance on the National Grid.


The solar panels installed by JM Renewables at Merthyr Tydfil Leisure Centre delivered significant sustainability and cost-saving benefits.

Sustainable Energy Generation: The 125.02 kW Trina Solar array consistently generates renewable energy, reducing the centre’s carbon footprint. This aligns with global climate goals and will reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Cost Savings: Solar power has substantially reduced the centre’s monthly energy bills, freeing up financial resources for other essential maintenance and improvements.

Remote Monitoring and Maintenance: SolarEdge optimisers enable remote monitoring, ensuring efficient operation and minimal downtime. This reliability improves the return on investment.


The Merthyr Tydfil Leisure Centre’s solar panel installation stands as a testament to the possibilities of renewable energy. Overcoming the challenges of a curved roof installation, this project demonstrates the benefits of solar power in the leisure sector.