11kW Solar PV Installation for Shoreside Caravan Park, Anglesey


Shoreside Caravan Park, located in Rhosneigr on Anglesey, is a popular North Wales holiday destination known for its stunning coastal views and outdoor activities. In an effort to reduce their carbon footprint and operating costs, the management of the caravan park decided to invest in a solar panel installation by JM Renewables.


The design process began with a thorough assessment of the caravan park’s energy requirements and potential solar energy generation. We agreed with the client to install solar panels at two key locations in the caravan park. The first solar panel system consisted of 22 high-efficiency 370W all-black panels to be installed on the shower block (8.1kW) and 6 high-efficiency 495W panels on the reception building (2.97kW). This agreed specification aimed to harness maximum solar energy throughout the day and optimise the electricity generation for the park’s needs.


Once the design and specifications were finalised, the installation team proceeded with mounting the panels securely on the shower block and reception building. Careful consideration was given to the aesthetic aspect of the installation to ensure that the panels blended as harmoniously as possible with the existing structures and surroundings. Two Solis Inverters were also installed to efficiently convert the generated solar energy into usable electricity. The team worked diligently to minimise any disruptions to the park’s operations during the solar installation.


The installation of solar panels at Shoreside Caravan Park has yielded significant benefits. The park now generates a substantial portion of its electricity from renewable energy sources, reducing reliance on power from the National Grid. The 28 solar panels could generate up to 11.07kW (based on 100% usage) potentially saving the owners over £3k in the first year.

Moreover, the return on investment (ROI) for the project is less than 4 years, making it an economically viable decision. By investing in solar energy, the park has not only achieved significant cost savings but has also positioned itself as an environmentally conscious business, appealing to customers who prioritise sustainability.