10kW Solar PV Array for Anglesey County Council, Gaerwen


JM Renewable Solutions Ltd were contracted by Anglesey County Council to install a 10kW PV system at their Depot in Gaerwen. The goal was to help reduce their energy bills and provide free electricity to the unit.


The installation was completed in two days by our team of experienced engineers. We installed a 10kW PV system, consisting of 28 x 375w panels. The installation was completed on the roof of the depot and the panels were positioned in a way to maximize solar exposure.


The installation of the PV system will provide free electricity to the unit, which will significantly reduce their energy bills. This project will help reduce the carbon footprint of the depot, as it is generating clean and renewable energy. In addition, the installation has a lifetime of 25 years, so the council can expect to save money on energy costs for years to come.