Tesla Powerwall Upgrade, Heswall


Our team recently headed over to The Wirral to supercharge an existing customer’s solar energy setup with a brand-new Tesla Powerwall. They wanted to enhance their existing solar energy system by incorporating battery storage, and we were tasked with delivering this installation to achieve maximum energy efficiency and reliability.


We began by reviewing the client’s existing infrastructure, including their 4kW solar panel system. The objective was clear: to seamlessly integrate the Tesla Powerwall into their energy ecosystem, ensuring that excess energy generated by the solar panels was stored effectively for use during periods of low solar generation or grid outages.

To accomplish this, we selected the Tesla Gateway, a sophisticated energy management and monitoring system, to complement the Tesla Powerwall installation. The Tesla Gateway would serve as the control hub, enabling automatic detection of National Grid outages and facilitating a swift transition to backup power, ensuring uninterrupted electricity supply for the homeowner.


With the planning stage complete, our installation team set to work. The Tesla Powerwall was securely mounted to an external wall, strategically positioned to optimise its charging and discharging capabilities. The integration process involved connecting the Powerwall to the existing solar panels, allowing it to store excess energy.

The installation of the Tesla Gateway was equally important. This device not only communicates between the Powerwall, solar panels, and the grid but also enables remote monitoring and management of the entire energy system via the Tesla app. This mobile app enables the customer to monitor their energy consumption, track the performance of their solar panels, and manage backup energy reserves from the convenience of their smartphone or tablet.


Upon completion of the installation, our client was thrilled with the results. The seamless transition to backup power during grid outages provided them with peace of mind, ensuring that essential appliances continued to function even when external power sources failed. The Tesla app proved to be an invaluable tool, allowing the homeowner to monitor their energy usage, maximise their self-consumption of solar-generated electricity, and take control of their energy costs.

Our customer’s commitment to sustainability was further bolstered as they reduced their carbon footprint by harnessing solar energy more efficiently and relying less on conventional grid electricity. The integration of the Tesla Powerwall and Gateway into their existing setup not only enhanced their energy resilience but also contributed to a more sustainable and eco-conscious lifestyle.

In conclusion, our installation of the Tesla Powerwall and Gateway in Heswall shows our commitment to providing innovative energy solutions that empower clients to harness renewable energy sources effectively. This project has not only transformed our client’s energy management but also demonstrates the potential for a greener, more sustainable future.