Solar PV Installation on 100 Houses in Rhydwen Drive, Rhyl


Another project recently completed a solar and battery installation project for Denbighshire County Council in Rhydwen Drive, Rhyl. The project involved the installation of 4kW solar panels and 8.5kWh BMZ batteries on 100 houses. The installation was completed using a flush mounting system to ensure an aesthetically pleasing appearance.


The project presented several challenges, including the need to complete the installation quickly and efficiently, with minimal disruption to the residents. In addition, the installation needed to be designed to maximize energy savings, and the solar panels and batteries had to be installed in a way that was visually appealing.


Our team worked closely with the council to design and install a system that met their specific requirements. The installation was completed using a flush mounting system, which provided an aesthetically pleasing appearance and did not detract from the appearance of the properties.

With an estimated install time of 1-2 days per property the project was completed with minimal disruption to the residents.


The solar panels and batteries installed on the properties will provide significant long-term benefits to the residents, reducing their energy bills and increasing their energy independence. Generating electricity during daylight hours, the properties can use the energy produced rather than relying solely on grid-supplied electricity.

The BMZ batteries provide a means of storing excess energy generated during the day to be used during the evening and night-time and further reducing energy bills.


We are committed to providing innovative and efficient renewable energy solutions to local communities. Our work with Denbighshire County Council is a testament to our commitment to delivering high-quality installations that provide long-term benefits to homeowners and communities. We are proud to have completed this project and to have contributed to the goal of a cleaner, more sustainable future.