Solar PV & Battery Installation on a Barn Conversion


JM Renewable Solutions recently installed an 8.76kW Solar PV system on a barn conversion. The system comprised 24 x 365w solar panels mounted flush to the converted roof. The installation utilized a 6kW Solis inverter and an AC Coupled 9.5kWh GivEnergy battery. Additionally, a Myenergi Eddi solar diverter switch was installed to enable the efficient utilization of excess energy directly into the client’s hot water immersion.

Design & Installation

The client, who had recently completed the conversion of a barn into a residential property, approached JM Renewable Solutions to design and install a Solar PV system that would meet their energy requirements while being visually unobtrusive.

After a detailed site survey and consultation with the client, JM Renewable Solutions proposed an 8.76kW Solar PV system that would consist of 24 x 365w solar panels mounted flush to the roof. The panels were installed in such a way that the roof’s aesthetic appeal was not compromised.
To ensure maximum energy efficiency, we installed a 6kW Solis inverter that would convert the solar DC current to AC current for use in the property. An AC Coupled 9.5kWh GivEnergy battery was also installed to store excess solar energy for later use.

The installation also incorporated a Myenergi Eddi solar diverter switch, which utilizes excess energy to heat the client’s hot water via their immersion. This enabled the client to make the most of the surplus energy generated by the system.


The installation of the Solar PV system has enabled the client to generate their energy, leading to significant energy cost savings. The system’s battery storage capacity also ensures that the client can continue to use solar energy even when there is no sunlight available.

The client has expressed great satisfaction with the work done by JM Renewable Solutions, highlighting the professionalism and technical competence of the installation team. Furthermore, they noted the aesthetically pleasing appearance of the Solar PV system, which blends seamlessly with the converted barn’s visual appeal.