Solar Panel Installation in Pwllheli College


JM Renewable Solutions Ltd recently completed a solar panel installation project for Pwllheli College. The college was looking to reduce their energy bills and carbon footprint while also setting an example for their students on the importance of renewable energy. After conducting a thorough site survey and assessment, JM Renewable Solutions Ltd designed and installed 268 Trina 375w solar panels using 12 Solis inverters.


The installation process was completed in just two weeks. The array will generate a large amount of free electricity that makes up a significant proportion of the college’s energy demands. Additionally, the Solis inverters ensure that the electricity generated by the solar panels is converted into usable energy for the college’s operations.


Since the installation of the solar panels, Pwllheli College has seen significant savings on their energy bills. They have also taken a positive step towards reducing their carbon footprint, making them an eco-friendlier institution. Furthermore, the solar panel installation has provided an opportunity for the college to educate their students on the importance of renewable energy, inspiring them to consider sustainable solutions in their future endeavours.

Pwllheli College was extremely satisfied with the work completed by JM Renewable Solutions Ltd. They noted that the solar panel installation has provided significant cost savings and improved their overall environmental impact. The college also appreciated the professional and efficient service provided by the team at JM Renewable Solutions Ltd.