Retrofit Installation of 53 Hybrid Air Source Heat Pumps, Anglesey


In September 2023 JM Renewable Solutions secured second place at the prestigious National Energy Efficiency Awards held in Birmingham.

We were nominated within the “National Renewable Heat Project of the Year” category which recognises the collaborative efforts involved in executing successful energy-saving projects. Our nominated project: “Retrofit Air Source Heat Pump Installation using Hybrid Air Source Heat Pumps”, stood out for its positive impact on the community.


The project included the installation of 5kW Samsung air source heat pumps across 53 Anglesey County Council and ADRA properties, seamlessly integrating them as hybrid air source heat pumps alongside the existing boilers. This hybrid approach leveraged the advantages of traditional fossil fuel heating and the green benefits of air source heat pumps to provide a renewable alternative to conventional boiler replacements. These complementing technologies offered a robust and cost-effective solution to the energy efficiency goals.

JM Renewables partnered with Anglesey County Council and ADRA Housing Association to deliver the scheme. Crucially, the entire project was funded by the Welsh government grants, with a total project value of £636k. This funding demonstrates the government’s commitment to driving sustainable solutions and encouraging renewable energy adoption.


The entire installation was performed by our fully qualified in-house technicians, who ensured each 5kW Samsung air source heat pump was seamlessly integrated into the existing heating systems, eliminating the need for costly boiler replacements. This approach eliminated the need to upgrade the existing internal heating system, reducing the installation time and minimising disruption and upheaval for the tenants.

Our team of technicians worked in collaboration with Anglesey County Council and ADRA Housing Association to ensure a smooth transition to hybrid air source heat pumps. This involved comprehensive training and education for both property owners and tenants, ensuring they understood the benefits and functionality of the new heating system.


The residents of the 53 properties are estimated to see a 50% reduction in their annual energy consumption, which not only contributes to substantial cost savings but also significantly reduces their carbon footprint.

This project is an excellent example of sustainable energy adoption, highlighting the effectiveness of hybrid air source heat pumps in bridging the gap between traditional fossil fuel heating and renewable solutions. The Welsh government’s support in funding the project demonstrates the value of such initiatives in achieving our shared environmental goals.

In conclusion, our second-place recognition at the National Energy Efficiency Awards 2023 is a testament to the dedication, innovation, and collaboration of this project. By seamlessly integrating hybrid air source heat pumps into existing heating systems, we have not only reduced energy consumption but also contributed to a greener and more sustainable future across North Wales.