New Build Ground Source Heat Pump Install

The owner of this self-build project wanted to install a more sustainable, eco-friendly, financially viable form of heating…. A Ground Source Heat Pump- New Build was the answer!

Installation Summary

New Build Property- 4 Bed, 2 Bathroom detached house

Connected to a wet central heating system- new stelrad radiators to each room and 2 stelrad towel radiators

A NIBE 12 KW single phase unit

200 L unvented cylinder & 100 L buffer cylinder

Extremely highly efficiency (4 COP)

The installation took 7 days


The customer approached us 4 months prior to the installation date seeking advice on a more sustainable, financially viable heating system.

JM’s Renewable Solution

After conducting a free site survey and collaborating with the owner of the house we narrowed down the technologies to either a ground source heat pump or an air source heat pump. With the customers long-term goals in mind, we presented a comparison of the two technologies, explaining the benefits of both systems and then we gave our final recommendations.

Consequently, it was decided that we would install a 12 KW NIBE Ground Source Heat Pump using a horizontal loop system. This system was deemed more feasible since the customer had enough land to lay the necessary pipework. (1 acre minimum is required).

The system was used to heat and supply hot water to a 4 bedroom detached house and was connected to new stelrad radiators installed throughout the house.

Customer Benefits

Comparing to the next best alternative (oil boiler system), the Ground Source Heat pump has saved this particular client approximately 48% on their annual heating bills

Low cost, low noise and no maintenance have been required.

The client has a 7 year warranty on the ground source heat pump due to our VIP accredited installers. 

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payment will earn the client £2,800 over the 7 years. 

 The client has dramatically reduced the carbon footprint of the dwelling and has added value to the property.