Ground Source Heat Pump Install in Alderley Edge, Cheshire

JM Renewable Solutions (JMRS) was appointed by the client as the renewable energy consultant and installer for his new build project in Alderley Edge, Cheshire. The project consisted of designing and installing a heating system that would fulfil the space heating and hot water for two large properties (1150m2)- main house, farm building and a large communal swimming pool. The client wanted to utilise the surrounding resources and use a more sustainable and green solution to heat the site. The next best alternative was to install a commercial LPG or oil boiler, which would increase his costs and carbon footprint.

JMRS presented and convinced the client that a ground source heating system was the most viable solution from an economic and environmental standpoint. The system designed consisted of a 40KW Stiebel Eltron Ground Source Heat Pump unit (3 phase), 2nr 400 L hot water cylinders and 1nr large 800L buffer cylinder with smart controlling. The heat was distributed through underfloor heating and modernised radiators to achieve an extremely high SCOP at a 35C flow temperature- surpassing a 500% efficiency rating. The GSHP also provided the required heat for an indoor swimming pool via a pool heat exchanger which consistently keeps the pool at the desired temperature. The site has 10 acres of field available which made a horizontal ground collector the perfect method for extracting heat from the ground. By collaborating with JMRS, the builder was able to excavate the required 12nr trenches, each trench was dug 1.2m deep and 1m wide, stretching 100m in length. JMRS then laid the 2400m worth of collector pipe (40mm) feeding into the large manifold. The trenches were then backfilled.

The heat pump predicted running cost saving vs oil was approximately £3,000 per annum and the customer will be receiving approx. £4,500 RHI per year. JMRS also installed a 10KW solar PV system on the large farm metal roof to provide £1,240 worth of free electric each year. This will help supplement the running cost of the heat pump and general electrical use on the property. There was a combined carbon saving of 15,000 kg/yr.


The installation itself took the JMRS a total of 25 days to complete.