Energy Consultancy for 30 Residential Properties

JM Renewable solutions were appointed by Menter Mon (not-for-profit organisation) to provide energy efficiency advice/consultancy for 30 residential properties on the Isle of Anglesey, North Wales as part of a regional energy efficiency project.


The project that has been ran to help highlight the importance of energy efficiency implementation in the residential sector, contributing to tackling and eradicating fuel poverty, and in order to achieve emission reductions and contribute to climate change  targets.

Menter Mon are the lead body in the LEADER Programme in Anglesey and the project is funded by European Agricultural Fund Rural Development (EAFRD) and the Welsh government.


JM Renewable Solutions (JMRS) were appointed to provide our energy consultancy services and undertake energy efficiency surveys of 30 residential properties on the Isle of Anglesey. We provided the landlords and tenants with energy efficiency/saving advise. Each individual survey took approximately 1 hour and we required the landlords or tenants to provide us with their most recent annual energy bills (electric & heating).

As part of our energy consultancy service, following on from the surveys, each property received an individual energy report that details the areas of opportunity for improvement with regards to energy performance. The reports provided the landlords with viable and achievable solutions that align with their own housing objectives. Collectively, we found that the landlords taking part within this project wanted to

a) Improve their properties energy efficiency ratings

b) Lower their tenant’s energy bills (heating/electric)

c) Add overall environmental and economic value to their properties

d) Reduce occupant turnover by minimizing the risk of tenants experiencing fuel poverty.

Within each report we listed multiple recommendations, with each recommendation including an approximated installation cost, followed by indications of the expected savings (energy cost & carbon emissions), and the estimated payback period.Once the reports/findings had been completed, Menter Mon then allocated the funding to the selected properties and our recommended measures were to be installed.

The project will/ has already helped educate the local landlords and tenants on the various ways they can improve their properties energy rating whilst simultaneously reducing energy bills. We identified a number of different viable solutions that will make a substantial difference to the all the properties energy performance. The next stage of the project will be to reconvene with the landlords in 12 months and review what impact the installed measures have had.

NOTE: Aswell as being qualified energy consultants, JM Renewable Solutions is also a highly accredited installation company (see homepage).