Domestic Solar PV Panels

This domestic homeowner makes full use of the sunshine by installing a 16 solar PV panel, 4KW in-roof system in Wirral, Merseyside.

Installation Summary

Roof-mounted system.

16 solar pv panel, 4kw.

Annual output 4.11kwh.

1 Schletter roof mounting system.

1 solis inverter.

Installation took 1 day.


JM Renewable Solutions (JMRS) were contacted by the customers who were familiar and keen to install solar PV onto their property’s roof in Royal Hoylake (Wirral, Merseyside). The customers understood that the system provides a free, clean solar energy to the house throughout the year, which would result in much lower running costs and a reduced carbon footprint.

JM’s Renewable Solution

After frequent conversations with the client JMRS were asked to conduct a site-survey to suggest the optimal solar PV system and to produce a quote for the property. The total roof area was approximately 30 sqm. With this in mind, JMRS recommended the installation of a 4Kw, 16 panel system to be mounted on the roof, as this would be able to generate enough electricity to fulfil the demands of the property.

After conducting a site-survey, JMRS designed a system that fully complied with the guidelines, and adhered to MCS standards. This particular property had already installed some energy saving measures such as improved roof and wall insulation. The clients overall aim was to improve their EPC certification grading to a C band from a low D band. The 4Kw solar array was designed also to fit in within the constraints of the dwelling’s south-facing roof orientation. Therefore, the amount of solar energy generated would be maximised. Also, JMRS specified a system that comprised of darker solar panel in order to adhere to the customer’s specification of blending the panels in with the roof tiles.

Customer Benefits

The Feed-In-Tariff will approximately payback £500 per annum.

They would save £290 a year on their electricity bill.

Improved the house’s EPC rating to a C band and reduced the owners carbon footprint.

JMRS anticipate that this solar pv panel system will pay for itself within 6 years.