Domestic Solar PV & Air Source Heat Pump

Caernarfon (North Wales) homeowner transforms his house into a highly efficient, energy saving, eco-friendly household by installing a combined renewable energy system- 15 kw solar pv (60 panel) system & 15 kw air source heat pump!

Ground Mounted Solar PV panel installation.

60 panels, 15kw system.

Invertors: Solis (10 year warranty).

Schletter Rail system

15 Kw Stiebel Eltron Air Source Heat Pump with a 250L Hot Water Cylinder.

Homeowner will benefit from £1950 worth of free electricity per annum & will receive Feed-In-Tariff payments

40% saving against the old oil based heating system.


This particular customer was tired of overspending on ludicrously expensive oil bills and as a result he had become increasingly fascinated with the alternative renewable energy technologies. Also with electricity bill continuing to rise, the owner of the property was looking to find a more cost-effective alternative. After conducting his own research and collaborating with JM Renewable Solutions the customer was eager to explore a variety of different options.

JM’s Renewable Solution

After frequent collaborations and explorations, the owner decided to go ahead with the installation of a 15 KW Stiebel Eltron Air Source Heat Pump. An air source heat pump uses heat from the outside air to provide efficient heating and hot water to sufficiently fulfil the property’s demands.

JMRS designed and installed the 15 KW Stiebel Eltron air source heat pump and connected the renewable system to a radiator heating system. JMRS designed the air source heat pump to operate at 45 C, whilst simultaneously heating the hot water up to 60 C. In conjunction to the heat pump JMRS installed a 250L hot water cylinder to store the domestic hot water.

The major renovation project has also seen the owner install a 15 KW 60 panel ground mounted solar PV system that provides green electricity.

As the air source heat pump runs on electricity the owner liked the idea of combining the two technologies to reduce his overall energy bills and carbon footprint. He opted for the ground mounted panel system because his roof was well shaded by the trees surrounding the house, which meant the panels would not receive as much direct sunlight and would be less productive.

Customer Benefits

The customer has been provided with a much cheaper form of renewable electricity and the entire system (inc air source heat pump) will pay for itself within 8 years due to the 20 year Feed-In- Tariff (FIT) and 7 year Renewable Heat Incentive payments.

The owner has made a substantial saving on his annual energy bills and improved profitability from reducing his overheads.

Since its installation there has been no maintenance issues with the solar panels or heat pump, thus, the owner is set to make a significant return on his investment.

This domestic customer will receive £1,800 per annum off the governments Renewable Heat Incentive and has reduced his annual oil heating bill by 40%.

Homeowner will also benefit from £1950 worth of free electricity per annum & will receive Feed-In-Tariff payments.