Domestic Biomass Burner

Domestic Homeowner in Rhuallt, North Wales installs 40 Kw biomass pellet burner replacing an outdated unreliable LPG heating system.

Installation Summary

Installed 40kw Strebel biomass pellet burner.

Used existing 200 L hot water cylinder.

Replaced an old, outdated, expensive LPG boiler.

Installation took 3 days


After being referred to JM Renewable Solutions (JMRS) by a previous customer, this particular family engaged in a number of discussions with JMRS to replace their old current LGP boiler heating system with a much more efficient wood pellet biomass system.

The family were increasingly becoming dissatisfied with the rising costs of oil and low efficiency rates of their current system. The owner then decided that it was time to switch to a more environmentally friendly and cost effective solution.

JMRS then conducted a full survey off the property and thoroughly assessed the feasibility of multiple renewable heating options. After creating a detailed consultancy document analysing and comparing the various options available, the decision was made in collaboration with the client that a biomass boiler would be the most suitable and able to fulfil the family’s heating requirements.

JM’s Renewable Solution

JMRS were assigned to install the biomass burner for the property. From conducting our heat loss calculation JMRS identified that a 40Kw system was the required to match the family’s heating requirements. The home had an available small outbuilding which provided the ideal space for the installation of an automated Strebel biomass wood pellet boiler and used the existing 200 hot water cylinder and added controls. The installation also consisted of ground insulated pipes feeding the outer building to the property which were heated. Therefore, an external silo was installed in the position of the old LPG tank placement. JMRS produced and then submitted the application for the Renewable Heat Incentive payments, which were successfully.

Customer Benefits

Since installation the family have been 100% satisfied with their new biomass boiler and have seen a reduction in their heating bill from £3500 to £1300.

The annual renewable heating payment is approx £2,500 payable for 7 years under the domestic renewable heat incentive (RHI).

The biomass burner has reduced the property’s carbon footprint massively.

No maintenance needed since installation.