Domestic Air Source Heat Pump Barn Conversion Install

Bodeugan farm in North Wales now looks forward to much brighter days! As the owner installs 40 Solar PV Panels and 3 Mitsubishi Air Source Heat Pumps Unit onto 3 barn conversions.

Installation Summary

Flat roof panel installation

40 panels, 10kw system

Invertors: Solis (10 year warranty)

Rail system

Three 8.5Kw Mitsubishi Ecodan Air Source Heat Pumps

Estimated 50% saving against an oil based heating system

Overall installation took 5 days


The farm itself was spending approximately £15,000 per annum on energy and the owner was eager to explore the different ways in which he could reduce his costs and create enduring economic gain from the available governmental tariffs.

So, JM Renewable Solutions (JMRS) were hired to advise and install the most cost effective form of energy to the farm and surrounding properties.

JM’s Renewable Solution

After conducting our free survey JMRS consulted the farmer and presented our recommendations. JMRS believed that installing solar PV panels onto the roof of the barn building was the most viable option, as the roof’s south-facing orientation and 45 C positioning would be able to take full advantage of the available daily sunlight. This would provide the farmer with the most optimal results, with regards to free electricity.

After seeing first hand the undeniable benefits of renewable energy, the owner asked JMRS to survey the 3 new barn conversions being built on the land. As a result, JMRS designed, specified and installed an 8.5Kw Mitsubishi air source heat pump unit for each property. As these units would supply an extremely efficient and reliable heating system to the properties with low costs and high rewards. Which, in comparison to the alternative forms of heating such as oil, would save the tenants approximately 50% on their annual heating bills.

Customer Benefits

The customer has been provided with a much cheaper form of renewable electricity and the system will pay for itself within 5 years due to the 20 year Feed-In- Tariff (FIT) payments.

The owner has made a substantial saving on his annual energy bills and improved profitability from reducing his overheads.

Since its installation there has been no maintenance or issues with the solar panels or heat pumps, thus, the farmer is set to make a significant return on his investment.

The farm has reduced its carbon footprint by 60 % since installation.

The owners of the 3 barn conversions are set to benefit by receiving quarterly payments from the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive.