Battery Storage & Solar PV Domestic Install

Homeowner on the Wirral installs 3 battery storage store units in order to store any excess electricity that his large 10 KW (35 panel) solar pv system generates for use at a later date!

Battery Storage Installation Summary

3X 6.5 KWH LG Chem Battery Storage Units

Working in conjunction to a 10.3 KW (35 panel) Solar PV system.

10 year warranty- solis inverter

3 x Goodwee hybrid inverters

Each inverter supplies on battery storage unit.

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We were appointed by  Mr J to install a 10 KW, 34 panel solar PV system to be connected to a 3 phase power supply at the property. The large south facing roof and power supply, subsequently, made solar PV an obvious option. Mr. J was also interested in finding out more information regarding battery storage units.

We explained that by their nature solar PV systems produce the majority of electricity during the day time and in the summer. Conversely,  electricity consumption will be highest after dark and during the winter. This mismatch meant that, if Mr J wanted to increase his renewable energy base, he needed to take steps to store energy at the point of production (during peak generation) for use when he need it (during peak demand). Concurrently, this maximises self-consumption and, subsequently reduces his energy bills too.

A PV system is a generator, and Mr J liked the idea of being able to store his excess electricity for later use, or, alternatively releasing it onto the grid when there is real demand.

JM’s Renewable Solution

Therfore, we recommended and installed 3 x LG Chem 6.5 kwh Battery Storage units. The solar pv system will feed 3 x Goodwee hybrid inverters each supplying 1 battery storage unit.

Customer Benefits

The batterys are capable of storing £2.90 of free electricity per day for use at a later date.

Solar PV system will gain the customer £588 per annum from the FIT & Export tariff

Customer has increased his own self consumption.

Installing a battery storage system, will increase his self-consumption, reduce his need to import electricity and have a back up supply in the event of a power cut.