All-black Solar & Battery Installation, Chester


The JM Renewables team recently installed rooftop solar panels and a battery storage system at a residential property near Chester in Cheshire. The homeowner wanted to harness solar energy with discreet and aesthetically pleasing panels while maximising their savings. By incorporating all-black solar panels, a 9.5kWh battery from GivEnergy, and a water diversion switch from Myenergi, the homeowner sought to reduce their reliance on the grid and invest in green energy.


The project followed our systematic approach, starting with an assessment of the homeowner’s energy requirements and available roof space. Factors such as solar irradiance, shading, and obstructions were considered to determine the optimal configuration of the 26x360W all-black solar panels.

Alongside the solar panels, a 9.5kWh GivEnergy battery storage system and a Myenergi Eddi Water diversion switch were recommended to store excess energy and enable solar-powered water heating.


See how Gareth, Simon & Alun tackled the installation of the project by watching the video below.

Rigorous testing and commissioning were conducted to verify electrical connections, monitor energy generation and storage, and evaluate system efficiency.


The successful installation of all-black solar panels, accompanied by a battery storage system and a water diversion switch, demonstrates the homeowner’s commitment to sustainable living and is expected to save up to £3,607 annually.

The project highlights how modern Solar PV panels can provide an aesthetically pleasing solution for homeowners seeking energy independence without spoiling the look of their property.



After reviewing multiple contractors, we decided to get a solar photovoltaic system from J M Renewables and were extremely pleased with the results. The consultation through Ben Musgrave and Daniel Miller was top notch. Once we agreed to move forward, we found the installation process very straight forward. The electrician gave us multiple choices where the different devices could be placed (i.e. battery, inverter, Eddi, etc). We very much appreciated that they took time to understand all electrical wirings in our house, and that our requests were fully taken into consideration. Through this solution-oriented approach, it allowed us to best use the space.

Even after the commissioning was done, they took great care of us, immediately answering further questions and requests we had.

As a plus: The equipment which was used all looked very sleek and modern. The battery has a white glass surface. We were pleasantly surprised.

We also appreciated how friendly and humble everyone was. This company has won multiple awards. They have also fitted solar panels on Chester Cathedral, yet they did not even mention this until much later.

Excellent and friendly service, and well qualified staff. Highly recommend.