7kW EV Charger Installation, Y Felinheli


We recently installed a 7kW GivEnergy Electric Vehicle (EV) charger for a customer residing in Y Felinheli, a picturesque village nestled beside the Menai Strait between Bangor and Caernarfon in Gwynedd, North Wales. This case study examines this project’s methodology, installation process and outcome.


Our team was tasked with selecting the best EV charger that fits the customer’s lifestyle while carefully considering the charger’s design, cost, and features. The GivEnergy EV charger was an ideal choice due to its robust IP65 rating, sleek design and affordability. The EV charger can also be controlled with the GivEnergy app, allowing the user to configure charging schedules and energy sources.


Our in-house team of certified electricians completed the installation of the 7kW GivEnergy EV charger, which was mounted without any visible additional cables, adding to the overall aesthetic. The generous 5m charging cable and accessible location means plugging in and using the charger is easy and convenient for the customer. We also connected the unit to the internet and helped the customer setup the GivEnergy app to maximise the capabilities of their new EV charger.


The successful setup of the 7kW GivEnergy EV charger resulted in a positive outcome for both the customer and our team. The sleek and compact design of the charger optimised space and enhanced the installation’s visual appeal. The customer now enjoys the convenience of managing the EV charger through the GivEnergy app, allowing for advanced charging schedules and energy source selection.

The robust IP65 rating ensures the charger’s durability, making it a reliable outdoor solution for the customer in North Wales. The clean setup, achieved by mounting the charger without visible cables, further contributed to the aesthetic enhancement of the installation. Overall, the successful installation demonstrates our commitment to delivering efficient and visually appealing solutions which meets our customer’s needs.