7,6kW Bespoke Solar System, Crewe


We recently completed a bespoke Solar PV installation of 18 Trina Solar Panels, using both in-roof and flat roof mounts to a property in Cheshire. This dual installation approach helped maximise solar energy capture, reducing costs and the homeowner’s carbon footprint.


To ensure that energy production would be consistent even during the often less sunny winter months, our team worked closely with the homeowner to develop a blended in-roof and flat-roof solution. The goal was to maximise the available roof space, harnessing the full potential of the 18 x 420W All Black Trina solar panels.

Pitched Roof: The first installation method involved securing 12 GSE in-roof solar panels on a pitched slate roof. This technique seamlessly integrates the solar panels into the existing roof structure, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing result. The GSE in-roof mounting system minimises any potential weakening of the roof’s integrity, creating a flush and unobtrusive appearance.

Flat Roof: To complement the pitched roof, the remaining six solar panels were designed to fit on a section of flat roof. This would be achieved using a Van der Valk solar mounting system, which provides both sturdiness and adjustability to optimise panel orientation. Installing these panels on the flat roof would allow greater collection of sunlight throughout the day, particularly during the winter when the sun’s angle is lower in the sky. The Van der Valk system also benefits from easy maintenance and cleaning, ensuring consistently high performance.


Our team of in-house engineers fitted the 12 GSE in-roof solar panels to the pitched slate roof, with careful attention to sealing and weatherproofing to ensure the roof’s integrity. Similarly, the Van der Valk solar mounting system provided a secure foundation for the six additional panels on the flat roof, optimising their exposure to sunlight. The specified inverter was seamlessly integrated with the existing electrical system, ensuring efficient energy conversion and utilisation


The addition of this bespoke solar system to a domestic property in Crewe, promises substantial annual energy savings for the homeowner. With panels mounted to both pitched and flat roofs, it maximises daily energy capture throughout the year. This case study serves as a testament to the efficiency and sustainability that can be achieved through tailored solar solutions from JM Renewables.