7 EV Chargers Installed for RWE


A recent commercial project for RWE involved the installation of 7 Duel socket 7.4kW EV chargers at the Gwynt Y Môr Wind Farm Control Building in Holywell, North Wales. RWE is the largest power producer in the UK, contributing approximately 15% of the country’s electricity through various renewable sources. This case study delves into the methodology, installation process, and the ultimate outcome of this commercial EV charger installation.


We selected the Garo LS4 charging station for its excellent charging rate of 7.4kW, making it an ideal fit for the site’s demands. The station’s duel (Type 2) sockets adhere to high safety standards, ensuring faster charging capabilities and broad compatibility with various EV models. Constructed from marine-grade aluminium, the Garo LS4 station boasts robust durability, vital for an outdoor installation at the port of Mostyn.

The station’s design incorporates a 360° light strip indicator on the top, allowing users to check the charging status from a distance. The weatherproofed Type 2 sockets, each equipped with separate fuses and ground protection, accommodate RCD types A or B. The installation process involved securing the base stations onto concrete slabs for stability, ensuring a reliable and safe charging solution.


Once the physical installation was complete, the chargers were seamlessly connected to the internet and configured. The user-friendly interface of the Garo LS4 station simplifies the EV charging experience. The addition of the chargers to the car park not only facilitates easy EV charging for staff and visitors but also helps support RWE’s sustainability goals.


The successful installation of 7 Duel 7.4kW EV chargers at the Gwynt Y Môr Wind Farm Control Building is a noteworthy addition to RWE’s commitment to sustainability. The charging infrastructure not only serves the immediate needs of staff and visitors but also lays the foundation for the electrification of RWE’s fleet, contributing to cost-effectiveness and long-term environmental benefits. This project showcases the seamless integration of cutting-edge technology to foster sustainability in the energy sector while providing practical solutions for the growing demand for electric vehicle charging infrastructure.