6.1kW Solar PV & Battery Storage Installation, Abergele


This case study examines the installation of a renewable system by JM Renewables at a property situated in Abergele, North Wales. The green project included the fitting of 17 x 360-watt all-black solar panels, accompanied by a 5kW Givenergy hybrid inverter and 2 x 9.5kWh batteries. The primary goal was to harness renewable energy while simultaneously enhancing the property’s visual appeal.


The project initially involved a comprehensive evaluation of the property’s energy requirements and solar potential. JM Renewables’ team conducted a site survey to establish the optimal placement of the rooftop solar panels. Analysis revealed that the pre-existing battens were old and required replacement to ensure the structural integrity of the installation. The replacement not only addressed this concern but also enabled a flush installation, resulting in a seamless integration of the solar array with the roof’s contours.


With the preliminary assessment completed, the installation was initiated. The previous battens were carefully replaced with new ones, providing a robust foundation for the new solar panels. This replacement helped achieve a flush installation, effectively reducing the gap between the panels and the roof surface. The 17 all-black solar panels, boasting a 360kW capacity each, were strategically positioned to maximise solar exposure and energy capture. The integration of a 5kW Givenergy hybrid inverter facilitated efficient energy conversion and management. To ensure energy retention during periods of limited sunlight, 2 x 9.5kWh batteries were seamlessly integrated into the system.


The renewable energy system’s successful implementation brought dual benefits to the homeowner. Firstly, energy consumption is greatly reduced, if not completely offset, thanks to solar power. This lessening of reliance on traditional energy boosts sustainability. Secondly, the addition of all-black panels, flush installation, and improved aesthetics enhance the property’s kerb appeal and value. This study highlights renewables’ power to transform energy without spoiling the view.