5.9kW Solar PV Installation, Ysgol Pentrecelyn


The JM Renewables team recently completed a public sector project to install solar panels at Ysgol Pentrecelyn, a Welsh medium school located in Ruthin, Denbighshire. With the school’s 150th anniversary approaching in 2024, there is a strong desire to invest in the future by improving energy efficiency, cutting carbon emissions and saving money in the long term.


Our approach began with a thorough assessment of the available roof space at Ysgol Pentrecelyn. Following this survey, we designed a bespoke solar array comprising 15 Trina solar panels, each with a capacity of 420 watts. To ensure compatibility with the school’s slate and flat roofs, we employed a combination of mounting techniques. Six panels were securely attached to the slate roof, while nine were installed on the flat roof using a Bauder system, meticulously selected to protect the school’s roof. The installation process prioritised the integrity of the waterproofing, using drill-free techniques to maintain the roof’s structural integrity and warranty.

The system was completed with the selection of two Solis inverters, capable of handling 6.3 kW of power. This setup is projected to generate approximately 5,990 kWh of free electricity annually, equivalent to the planting of 52 trees and a reduction of 1.13 tonnes of carbon emissions each year.


Our in-house installation team completed the project with minimal disruption to the school’s operations, with all work carried out efficiently and in adherence to strict safety standards. The wiring and solar panels were carefully installed, maximising energy capture while maintaining the aesthetic integrity of the school’s surroundings.

The integration of the solar panels with the existing infrastructure was executed flawlessly, with a keen focus on reliability and longevity. By utilising high-quality materials and employing our skilled technicians, we ensured that the system was not only effective but also built to withstand the rigours of the Welsh climate for years to come.


Following the successful installation of the solar array, Ysgol Pentrecelyn will enjoy significant benefits in terms of energy efficiency and cost savings. The projected annual electricity generation of nearly 6,000 kWh will substantially offset the school’s energy consumption, leading to reduced reliance on traditional energy sources and lower energy bills.

Combined with other planned initiatives such as additional insulation, LED lighting upgrades, and modern heating system upgrades, the solar panel installation represents a complete approach to sustainability. As the school celebrates its 150th anniversary, it does so with a forward-looking commitment to looking after the environment.